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    Family don’t end in blood, but it doesn’t start there either. Family cares about you, not for what you can do for them, family’s there through the good, the bad, all of it. They got your back, even when it hurts. That’s family.

    Supernatural Season 10 Episode 17

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    You're not cool, you're an idiot 

    Definitely, a stupid idiot. Use your goddamn brain you shithole. I’m not doing this for myself, I’m doing this for you. Get your head clear and look into it properly, you idiot!

    I could’ve just let it go like what every body did, but no! I am fucking trying to let you know that what you’re fucking doing is fucking wrong. I really have no idea whats going on in your mind. I wish I knew. I’m just trying to be your fucking friend, not someone who tries to destroy you. Fucking cunts.

    You’re smart, don’t do anything stupid please. For me.

    You’re an asshole….

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    Kenak kau ijo? 

    How on Earth would people would know that the freaking seat is taken? Did you leave your bag there? No. Did you leave anything on the ****ing chair? NO. Meh I’m cool with that. I was taught how to be polite, while some people don’t know how to treat people around them properly, politely.

    Well, talking about ijo (Green), I have a short story about it.

    Things started when this little boy decided to eat some food that his mom bought in some store or whatever. No this aint hulk, my friend. When this boy started chewing the “so called food”, something ijo came out [insert adjective here] from it, sort of like melts in his mouth, dripped a little from his mouth, and to the floor. Few seconds later he noticed that ijo thingy on the floor and started licking it. YES. LICKING THE FUCKING GREEN STUFF ON THE FLOOR. THAT DISGUSTING GREEN THING, ON THE FLOOR! Pretty sure that emphasis was sufficient…

    Later that day, he kindda told his mom what he did and his mom was acting all cool, and stuff…


    Ijo is in his stomach. Somehow ijo managed to resist the powerful, strong, magnificent gastric acid in the boy’s stomach. Yeah, it flowed to the antrum, goes to duodenum, then jejenum, ileum, colon, to the rectum and anus in like, 4-5 hours. No, it wasn’t digested nor absorbed by the body.

    The end.

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    Songs that you might just fall in love with:

    • You Got Me - Colbie Cailat
    • Tu Amor - RBD
    • Every Morning - Sugar Ray
    • Beggin - Madcon
    • Sunday Morning - Maroon Five
    • Promise The Stars - We The Kings
    • Quando - Michael Buble feat. Nelly Furtado
    • If I Am - Nine Days
    • Falling For You - Colbie Calliat
    • Come Right Out And Say It - Relient K
    • Let's Just Fall In Love Again - Jason Castro
    • If It's Ok With You - Shayne Ward
    • Stuck Like Glue - Sugarland

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    Pantun Berkawan 

    Post random jak tok n aku sik tauk nakpa dikrepak aku tok. haha!


    Tersurat : Lapar eh, dari pagi tek lom makan.
    Tersirat : Makan sama, juh!
    Jawapan : Ku gik ada maggi sigek, maok ka?

    Tersurat : Lapar eh, gedong ku sekda duit, mun sik lamak dah ku gi kafe.
    Tersirat : Chia aku lok!
    Jawapan : Eh kau sik makan? Mun kau sik makan, ku simok juak lah. Kita kan bestfriend!

    Tersurat : Eh, rajin juak kau maca book aher-aher malam tok?
    Tersirat : Tutup lampu lok! Ku mok tido.
    Jawapan : Alang-alang ngabis sigek buku tok. Kakya ku tido.

    Tersurat : *Kawan masang lagu koat-koat* Yoh disco eh!
    Tersirat : Nyerin gilak ya eh. Kecik kan sikit.
    Jawapan : *sik nengar tegal lagu koat gilak*

    Tersurat : Yoh, tang nyaman jak ya.
    Tersirat : Mok rasa kit lok.
    Jawapan : Aok, nang nyaman. Mahal ku meli nya tek.

    Tersurat : Eh, mok kluar ka? Gi sinei?
    Tersirat : Simok ngajak ku klua skali kah?
    Jawapan : *diam ajak* Nyiram bunga lok.

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