Magimatically, I’m still yours!

I spent for almost 15 minutes thinking would it be wise to put ❤ in the title but after putting my mind to it, I decided not to because it would kindda make me sound too feminish (not that it is wrong or something, it is just that it doesn’t look proper… I think…). Nevertheless, be glad that I’m still here~ in my old dusty blog which happened to be dead for some reason.

Earlier this morning, I realised something, well nothing in particular actually, hmm well I might as well call it as “insight” about life, I guess… You know, how people had been babbling and nagging about how difficult their life is, and how they envy with those people around them who happened to be living a so called joyful life, well of course, this is through their lenses, not really the whole picture to begin with. Not that all these really matters or something, but somehow I feel that nobody actually feels, uhhh, I don’t really know how to put it into words, or maybe the best word that I could use to describe this is ummm “grateful” of what they have?

Some people, they tend to go for more.

“I had this much, so why can’t I have more?”

and if they don’t have any, they tend to question why.

“The others got the chance to have [something]. Why can’t I?”

Well, I could say that those statement up there represents, I dunno, maybe the whole population of human being? In a way or another, I may not have any concrete proof to back up those statements, however, if you were to think it through, very thoroughly, carefully, you’d might just agree.

Although my point was not proven, or deliberately delivered, or explained extensively, I would also live to emphasis on another issue – why is it sooooooo freaking (freaking is an adjective people use when they ran out of ideas) difficult for people to realise how much another person, for instance, me, or anybody else; care about him or her? As much as it is very deeply excruciatingly painful and frustrating, this other person, for instance again, me, or anybody else; still clings to the person he or she cared without hesitation. On second thought, could this be somekind of witchcraft that some people naturally develop inside of them? Well, I’m just stating that since usually people who are involved in this “witchcraft” thingy have this alluring aura, lovable essence or something, again, just a thought… not a fact or anything…

But if you were to ask me, I’m not tired of waiting because if you give up so easily, then wheres the thrill, right? ;D

Nite peeps!