Have you ever wondered?

Life isn’t as complicated as it seems. We’re the one who make it soo freaking difficult to live life the way it should be. How is that possible? Being ignorant and not taking chances. I am KNOWN to be ignorant and sometimes in a dilemma because the thing is, at times, I chose to be ignorant but at other times, I just don’t get the picture. Yeah, you can call me slow or whatever but the point is, have you ever realised that you can be more than what you are today?


Take a chance. Grab the opportunity before it disappears!


Today I’m not going to rant about myself, no – not today… I’m going to tell you about a friend of mine, Ash (bukan nama sebenar). He have been dating this girl, I don’t really know her name but I’m guessing she’s pretty because Ash is good looking(stating that doesn’t mean I’m gay…) too. They have been together for about 2 years, or more – the thing about their relationship is that, it is a long distance relationship crap which I never believed in… Well, it seems that after their long last relationship, Ash texted and asked me, “What should I do?”. Heck, how should I know! I’ve never been in a long distance relationship.


Lately, Ash have this problem, not knowing what to say when he (text/call/whatever) her. In other words, I think he just ran out of ideas? I’m not sure because I’m not in his shoes so that was just a wild guess. Well, if I were to say that he’s losing interest with that girl *cough* that will make things worse right? *cough* (don’t read this Ash) *cough*




Aha! Meet up you a**-hole! Have a drink or something, go out and have fun! Life is filled with great things, amazing new things to be discovered! *don’t you dare think of making babies!* Again I would like to emphasize, take a chance. Grab the opportunity! If you don’t like her, take this chance to break up with her! or something… If you really love her, win her heart, again! 🙂




—story ends—


When you’re in a relationship (bergerek bak kata orang Sarawak), you always think about the future – where and when are you going to get married, how many kids you’d want, where would you live, etc. However, have you ever wondered that, is that girl really gonna be your soulmate? Are you really gonna marry her and have kids with her? Or are you just messing around with yourself, and her of course. Just because everyone else is in a relationship, THEREFORE I must be in one too! Isn’t that bullshit? So what if you’re single and surrounded by couples? because in the end of the day, you KNOW that this relationship, at this age, would not last.


For those who are in a relationship, and at the same time, reading my thoughts – I’m very sure you’d deny every single word I just mentioned. Well, I don’t have the right to judge to be exact but believe me, you’d know what will happen later and don’t come to me and tell me, “Oh gawd! You were right! I’m soo messed up!”



Well, I’m just saying B-) Why bother listen to a jerk like me, right?