10 lucid explanations for everything that I’ve done

1. When I say “No” without stressing it or some people call it a light “No” – I really do mean it.
2. When I say “No” with a deep intonation and the word is stressed – I don’t mean it, ask me the same question and you’ll get a “No” too, ask me again and I’ll say “Yeah”. *that “Yeah” is a good “Yeah.”
3. If I text you first; received a short reply, and if I text you back – I’m practically bored. I’m using you to get out of my misery.
4. If I text you first; received a long reply, and if I don’t text you back – I don’t understand what you’re trying to deliver and I’m not interested to know…
5. Usually when I lie, I’d say I lie after the statement. and if I didn’t, it is the truth…
6. If you text me and I don’t reply, it is either I don’t have credit or I didn’t check my phone. No matter how boring, unknown, or useless text I receive, I’ll reply.
7. If I say “bye” or “night” or anything similar, you’re pretty lucky because I’m in a good mood.
8. If I say “ciao” – I’m in a hurry.
9. If I say “ciao cin cau” *you’ll get this a lot* – I feel like joking around.
10. If I say “I love you”, then I guess it is a lie because if I do feel that way, I wouldn’t tell.