I need a few minutes of your time

Okay guys this time I’m really serious about this and I really DO need your opinions. If you ever happen to read this, please do make sure you give me 5 minutes of your time to read this and comment. Please? ๐Ÿ™‚ *insert me not knowing how to smile”

This may sound silly because most (all of it actually) of the contents you are about to read is about me so I’m wishing you luck!

If you guys really know who I am, you guys would have already noticed how picky or strict I am on certain things – not to say that I’m a perfect person (although I sometimes [most of the time] admit that I’m rather perfect), well maybe I’m a wanna-be of it; a perfectionist. Nevertheless, I think most of you guys who read this would know that I’m not even near the apex of being perfect. That is not really the point, the point is – I just wanna make more friends and being “versatile” would scoop me more. I know you guys might be saying that I’m just drawing attention because I want the influence or something but actually no, all I want is to have some laughters and sad times with people so I can live with it. Errmm, that particular sentence doesn’t make any sense so I guess you can just pass that one…

Despite the speculation that I might get for over exposing all these which you guys might already know, I guess I have to go naked (or honest). First thing first, how in the world you guys cope up with sports and studies? Some people might say that sports make you feel watched and most people will find you very cool. I do agree on that to some extent but then, I’m more interested in sports as in the “healthier lifestyle” point of view. I’m quite worried about my weight although it is not that serious (now i’m around 52-54kg) but I’m just afraid that it would worsen if I don’t do something about it. Yeah, about this sports thingy, how do you guys make it work? Is it by magic or what? I really want to try but at times I do feel ashamed because I do know I’m not really good at about any sports, you name it, I CAN play but I don’t feel like playing because I know I’m not good at it. Sigh, so as friends, you guys have to teach me okay?

Next is about studying, I mean, how did you guys pull this off? I mean, whenever I stare at books, my head will get dizzy and trust me, I’d rather lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling rather than staring at books. Well, you guys might probably be saying that “o-m-g! you’re asking us about studies? You are smart already, we should be asking this to you, blah… [insert more here]” but then think again, you guys might not know that I got a C for my chemistry and it is driving me nuts… One would prolly say that it is too late to ask about this but I think it is never too late… I will still be studying for the next many years to come so any tips would come in handy.

Well, some people are good at sports, some good at arts, some good at studying, some are good at making people smile, some are really good at cracking up jokes or start a conversation but I’m in none of them… For God sake, I can’t even smile. I don’t need to prove that, I’d guess you guys would second that as you read this… Just for the sake of making me feel happy, could you guys just find one, yeah just ONE would be enough, anything that I’m good at and please, with justification.

I really appreciate your time and have a great holiday guys! ๐Ÿ™‚