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    Di Bawah Pohon Asmara 

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    The Last Song 

    Have you ever watched “The Last Song”? Julie Ann Robinson surely did a good job in making Nicholas Sparks novel alive despite the appearance of Miley Cyrus (I just hate her and I don’t know why) as one of the main character. Of course, one would recommend reading the novel because it is so much better than the movie and I’m really sure you’ve heard this more than a million times but I guess there is no harm watching one of your favourite novel comes to life, like this one.

    In a letter to Ronnie (Miley Cyrus): Love is fragile. And we’re not always its best caretakers. We just muddle through and do the best we can. And hope this fragile thing survives against all odds.

    Well, promoting that particular movie wasn’t my true intention anyway.

    One simple question, have you ever experienced the feeling of being dumped? I surely had, twice in fact. Truthfully, there is nothing be be proud of nor be ashamed of. Yeah, its a pain in the ass and I really hate that feeling. Recently, (I believe I do not have to state the exact time and date) I was dumped, or I would rather say, “cheated” by this one pretty girl. No! She is not voluptuous, just pretty and adorable… Ah, it is not that we were in a true relationship after all but there was these mutual feelings for each other. I can’t deny that people would change, especially when separated by time and distance because I’ve seen it happened. No, I’m not blaming anyone, except that fu*king handsome guy who took her away from me. Nevertheless, she deserves a guy like him since I’m not as good-looking and rich as him. I guess thats my last song… [Full stop]

    p/s: To “Justin Bieber”, I’m so gonna hate you, people who looks like you and sings like you! Dahla pake tactic aku… Choi mena!

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    bagai kacang lupakan kulit, mesti korang slalu dengar frasa ni kan? biasalah, dunia memang penuh dengan macam-macam jenis orang, yang tu salah satu la kot… ni pun korang slalu dengar jugak, biar beribu kali kita buat baik, takde orang kisah pun sebenarnya, in the end semua orang lupa. bukan aku nak cakap selama ni aku buat baik tak ikhlas, tapi tulah, manusia susah sangat nak tengok kebaikan orang. asyik2 nak tengok yang buruk je, and then yang buruk tu lah yg disebar bak virus H1N1. manusia lah katakan.

    dahla, malas aku nak kisah orang macam ni, buang masa aku je. malas aku nak buat baik kat org yg x kenal dek untung, selfish, ingat hidup ni dia sorang je yg betul, orang lain semua salah… fine!

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    When I = You… 

    Click here if you care...

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