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    Are you guys sure about this? 

    Target : Pelajar Asasi UNIMAS 2010-2011

    I remembered our first day in UNIMAS, we gathered at Dewan UNIMAS and Prof T asked us a question.

    “Berapa ramai yang nak jadi doktor?”

    Well, as expected, most of us raised our hands; some of the parents have been asking one question too.

    “Kalau anak saya ditawarkan mengikut kursus sains fizikal, boleh tak tukar ke kursus sains hayat?”

    I expected that too. I asked myself then, “Berapa ramai yang nak jadi doktor, atas kehendak sendiri?”

    You, have to answer that. If you don’t wish or interested in becoming one, I would suggest, “Do NOT take medic”. Yeah, I know I’m in no position to judge or instruct anyone but I can’t keep that to myself. Thats just plain selfish. You do not want to ruin your few years or many months or thousands days of studying just to satisfy your parents. It is not worth it since you could be doing something else, something that you are really interested with. My dad once told me a story, one of his students, gave up 5 years of studying, on his/her graduation day, he/she told his/her parents:

    “Mak, Abah, sijil ni untuk mak abah. Saya tak nak jadi doktor, saya nak ambik law.”

    Do you want to end up like that person? Again, I know its not good to go against your parents’ will but then, you have to really think about it. It is YOUR FUTURE. Not theirs.  If you’re trapped in this kind of story, I would suggest you have a talk with your parents, about how you feel and what is your standard. Just because your parents are both doctors doesn’t mean that you would have to be one. Just because all of your siblings are taking medics doesn’t mean that you should too. Just be who you are, study what ever you want. (This implies to other courses too, but I’m focusing on medics since there would be more things that you would regret if you choose to go down this path)

    My dad told me this before:

    1. If you take medics, you would be spending 5 years of studying, all day long, sacrificing your weekends and no semester holidays. You would be starring at books and patients for the rest of your life then.

    2. When you start working, even though you studied for 5 years – hectic; your salary is nothing to be proud of, it could even be lesser than those who studied for only 3 years and worked 2 years ahead of you, or worse, lesser than those who are doing business, without tertiary education.

    3. No doctors would want to stay as an ordinary doctor forever, eventually, you would want to be a specialist – taking postgraduate courses and become a specialist. Again, up to two years of studying after 2 years of compulsory houseman-ship

    4. Stressed out in the middle of the way, there will be whispers encouraging you to give up – some started hallucinating and suffer from mental illness due to overwork during houseman-ship. And also, you might end up in a small district hospital or in a middle of nowhere in a rural area.

    5. You need to read up very often as new discoveries and researches are made every day.

    6. In some cases, you might encounter hardships with patients – theres a lot of problems actually, law suit, license, stubborn patients, life and death situation, etc.

    Overall, he would be explaining about how suffering and difficult houseman-ship is. Again, if you are forced to take medics, think about it again and do not regret later because it would really be a waste of your time. If you are determined to take medics, be strong and courageous, be smart in organizing yourself, develop your social skills and broaden your mind. Lots of doctors claimed that the life as medical students is far cry from the life as a real doctors.

    Here are some sites on how pathetic houseman-ship is but do bear in mind, everything that we do, is a part of learning and experience. Treasure it.


    I don’t mean to discourage anyone but this is the truth, if you fail once, it doesn’t mean that you will fail forever. However, if you had never failed, it doesn’t mean that you will never fail. Keep your heads up and be strong! Pray for everyone and the angels will pray with you, for you.

    Have a great weekend!

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    Egyptian Pantheon 

    Horus - god of the Sky, god of War and god of Protection.

    Click on the image for further information. 🙂

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    This is a thing that I did yesterday, I wouldn’t call it a cover since it doesnt comprises the whole song, just a little bit of it. However, I don’t think I would be uploading anytime soon. To be frank, I felt so uptight yesterday, I seriously had nothing to do and none of my family members were home the time I was recording this, they went out to buy some stuffs. Buying groceries with parents? I think I’ll pass… Thats why you can hear me scream and shout in this snip since I was alone. 🙂 But I had strong feeling that my neighbours could’ve heard me at some point because seriously, I think I was loud. Nevertheless, again, I was too bored and I did not know what to do, I tried to play some games but then, I got bored too. I was thinking of recording myself playing the electone since I’d think it would look awsome but mission failed since I kindda suck; I haven’t been practicing so I was not astound. And umm, a little comment about
    my short snip, I had to remove the video for some reason, a really good reason though, I’ve forgotten that my room was a mess. Aha 🙂

    This thing is there, but no one knows how to play it...

    I really hope that I would be doing “something” tomorrow because I think I need a new hobby. So far I’ve been playing games, reading books, watching movies, going out almost everyday except yesterday, facebooking (of course) and listening to songs almost every time whenever I’m in my room. Maybe I should just listen to what my mum said, I should clean up my room… Knowing that I survived in this kind of enviornment, would that be something I should be proud of? What do you think? 😉

    Have you ever get bored when you’re online? I did. I surely did. (annoyed)

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    MUET? Don’t wanna talk about it… Lets just say I did my best? 🙂

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    OMG! A Blogbook! 

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