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  • luctensity 3:05 am on March 31, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    My Kind of Girl 

    1. Do you need him/her to be good looking? • That will be an addedbonus

    2. Smart? • sure~

    3. Preferred age? • 5 years range 

    4. Preferred height? • Shorter than me/not that far cry taller than me 

    5. How about sense of humor? • Just a little. That would be fine. 

    6. How about piercings? • I don’t mind as long as the piercings are not “there”… 

    7. Accepts you for who you are? • Absolutely!

    8. Pink hair? • That would be awsome! but NO!

    9. Mushy or no? • I’d say squishy! XD

    10. Thin or fat? • neither

    11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)? • As long as it looks nice.

    12. Long hair or short hair? • Long perhaps

    13. Plastic or metal? • the ORIGINAL

    14. Smells good? • Yup!

    15. Smoker? • Sorry, no~

    16. Drinker? • Drink what I drink…

    17. Girl/Boy-next-door type? • That would be awsome!

    18. Muscular? • Noooo

    19. Plays piano? • Sure! Then she could teach me how to play.

    20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar? • Bass sounds lovely

    21. Plays violin? • I think she plays too much instrument already…

    22. Sings very good? • 😀

    23. Vain? • Not too vain.

    24. With glasses? • I prefer without but I don’t really mind

    25. With braces? • Nope

    26. Shy type? • Thats my girl!

    27. Rebel or good boy/girl? • Wild but harmless

    28. Active or passive? • Active.

    29. Tight or bomb? • Hmmmmm… 

    30. Singer or dancer? • Both?

    31. stunner? • Gimme a hug!

    32. Hiphop? • Not at all.

    33. Earrings? • Sure~

    34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-boyfriends-until-you-drop? • Thats a bitch.

    35. Dimples? • I don’t mind.

    36. Bookworm? • Sure! I read comics thou

    37. Mr/Ms. love letter? • Yes.

    38. Playful? • Yup!

    39. Flirt? • well…

    40. Poem writer? • No…

    41. Serious? • Yes when it comes to certain things, no when it comes to certain things.

    42. Campus crush? • God knows.

    43. Painter? • Yes!

    44. Religious? • Well… HAHA

    45. Someone who likes to tease people? • as long as its not too much

    46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak? • neither

    47. Speaks 20 languages? • No please

    48. Loyal or faithful? • And..

    49. good kisser • People learn… stuffs.. :p

    50. loves children? • DUH!

    • Exo 4:08 am on March 31, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      cute girl with dimples is my-girl-type..can u imagine how beauty the girl’ll be with dimples?damn,i love that. =)
      But,difficult to find one.

      • luctensity 11:21 pm on March 31, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Theres actually a lot, you just have to make them laugh or smile to see them clearly. 😀

    • Tea and ee 8:16 am on July 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      interesting. 🙂

  • luctensity 1:47 am on March 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Bye-bye FRIENDS 

    I don’t really know why but somehow I feel really emotional and sad after watching the series. Well, maybe at first it was funny and all but then merely at the end, when things come together, it is indeed very touching. (well atleast for me it is) Getting to know that Rachel is back with Ross after 6 years break, Chandler and Monica finally have kids (specifically, twins!), Phoebe got married with Mike which was very SWEET (they got married outside, with the snow and everything; Monica was just being a bitch), and umm Joey? Well nothing much about him but well, atleast he is a celebrity. Come to think about it, I almost cried at the time Rachel said goodbye to her friends individually before going to Paris because it reminds me of how difficult it was to say goodbye when I was leaving school. Well, Rachel didnt say goodbye to Ross in the first place really makes sense thou, Ross was just being stupid. I would’ve understand! Well maybe thats all about friends…


    Ok moving on, some friends and I were successfully selected to go for an interview for JPA scholarship and sadly, none of my friends are going at the same time as I am. Well, I am going on the 7th April, 2pm, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak. Damn, I wish someone would be with me because I can’t stand a crowd of strangers… Oh well, I guess I just have to make new friends then…

    One other thing, one of my twin sister got an offer to SM Sains Kuching. Both my sisters were crying, my mom was crying, wtf? where am I? In a drama or something? BIG DEAL! *sigh*

  • luctensity 1:36 am on March 23, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    When you say {nothing} at all… 

    “There’s a truth
    In your eyes
    Saying you’ll never leave me”

    There is always a slight probability that you might encounter someone which favor you more than anyone else. However, there is no room for certainity when there is room for posibility. The thing is, in whatever you do, have faith in yourself, have faith in God and you can be sure that no matter what happens, you will accept it without feeling sad and low.

    I am sad...

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