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  • luctensity 10:45 pm on January 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    Post bahasa swk lok, lak2 translate, mwahaha:

    Pagi  yg begitu indah smlm, ingat tek dpt nangga gerhana matahari, skali nangga, kul 2 lebih dakya dah hujan balit, sik alang2 gk ya, apa bleh buat, syuko jak… Dalam kul 2 lebih kdkya juak, tetiba Cikgu Roslan (Cikgu driving) call, nya suroh dtg kat cangiran (pusat latihan memandu) dalam kul 5 sampei kul 6. Aku apa gk, aok jak lah.

    Dalam kehujanan yg agak lebat pasya reda pasya  lebat gk (dalam kata lain nya sik menentu), aku drive ngan penoh kesabaran. Dpt molah 3 penjuru ngan naik bukit ngan ok~ ckgu pun pdh bagus. mwahaha, bangga aku! >;D Klas seterusnya — (Ahad 1pm-2pm) Get ready! Mok nangga wayang petang tok. Hehe~ (psss, tiket free aku lom pake gik, hari ya pegi aku lupak mbak tiket, terbang rm9)

  • luctensity 3:07 pm on January 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Sabar… sabar… 

    As planned, I went to Kuching General Hospital this afternoon since I have an appointment with a skin specialist. When my dad and I arrived at Klinik Pakar, we went to the first floor directly. In room L, we were asked to make a card first before the session and we were required to go downstairs. We took the stairs…

    Placed the letter in the box, waited for quite sometime for the card, then we went up again. Went to see Dr Pubalan, etc, etc. I was asked by the doctor to take the blood test downstairs. Went downstairs, using the stairs…
    Waited for my turn to take the blood test, when I was in the room, the woman took my blood. First2 salah cucuk (that was my left hand), then cucuk my right hand (dahla ambil darah lebih2! CILAKAK punya orang!). Both my arms feel numb… tak guna… Went to the Farmasi, waited for my turn to take my medicine… Punyalah lama… Nang gila…

  • luctensity 6:29 pm on January 10, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Resurrection– Mrawr! 

    After being left alone for about 6 months I guess, I think I’ll start to scribble things once more. [LOL] I hope this is a good idea because [some] of my friends were [begging] me so that I do something with meh empty blog. Well, for your information, there will be absolutely nothing of interest here, and I am not planning to put any either. Just for the sake of, well, you know, blogging…

    Song of the day : Mika – Rain
    (Listen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ16HRvwyPw)
    Hell, I don’t know who that guy is but I heard the song from MIX.FM a few times already and I guess it stuck in my head. I wouldn’t say the song is awsome but .. geez I don’t know…

    Recently watched : Anugerah Juara Lagu
    Gah, overall it was okay but not splendid. I thought it was going to be something BIG! Ah, who am I to say a thing? Alas, I just watched and listen. Stacy looked wierd with her hairdo and lips. Misha Omar looks like shes a wannabe of Lady Gaga (yup, wierd dress I would say).

    Significant event of the day : Bengkel Memandu 3 hours in Cangiran, Matang
    Well, it suppose to be 6 hours total but I stopped at the 3rd hour. I was getting dizzy towards the end because there were so many things to digest. I refuse to continue the next 3 hours on the same day because I just can’t stand the HEAT. I’ve told my teacher, Cikgu Roslan and he requested me to call him tomorrow. (As if I will :p) Bla bla bla… naik bukit, clutch, break, turun bukit, camtok, camya, parking, shit shit… etc.

    Plans for tomorrow : Appointment with a skin specialist at Kuching GH
    Its horrible. No! Its TERRIFYING! Nuuuuuuu! My face~ the acne (zits, pimples, etc.) are getting worse. I’ve seen a doctor in a private clinic before and she reffered me to a specialist because she said “Dah teruk dah tok.” WTF… Saba2~
    In the end, she gave me a soap (it smells like sulphur and after using it, my body smells like sulphur…) and an acne-cream. After been using those for about a week, nothing changes and I guess my body hates sulphur eh? ;D

    A piece of advice : Don’t lick bananas! Its disgusting! >;o

    • Exo 2:02 am on January 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      dont lick bananas..haha..its really disgusting..

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