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  • luctensity 10:52 am on June 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    10 years from now. What do you see? 

    I look at myself with a job either as a journalist or a doctor (need more than just 10 years to be a specialist).
    If I were to become a journalist…

    The Journalist Life

    Things that would be with me:

    •     A Journal
    •     Pencil and pen
    •     A camera



    three_children_smilingWhy do I want to become a journalist? Becoming a journalist will make me think to the extent, which I have never dreamt of and appreciate everything that revolves around me. Besides, I would also have to travel! 😀 My aim would be, as I travel, I would like to make children of the world smile and capture this sincere moment. This is because as I flipped through books and magazines, the picture of women or children smiling warms and completes my heart and I bet, it does the same to everyone, all around the globe. It makes me wanna smile. It makes me happy and overwhelmed because for me a picture is more than just a message. It is actually a catalyst which triggers the heart to mold a person’s emotion. Just by looking at a picture, it could make a person happy, sad, disgust or abhore. Words are just descriptions, ensuring the  message is delivered in an accurate, clear and understandable manner. It is the final touch of a journal and the best journal would be a journal which could drag the readers into the world described by the journalist. (to be in the journalist’s  shoes)

    The Doctor’s Life

    stethoscopeWhy do I want to become a doctor? Simple, to fulfill the desire of my beloved parents and fulfill the requirement to become a useful person. As we all know, a doctor is well respected and loved by almost everyone because of what they do. Helping to save lives (but I would say to slow down death or reduce the pain from death?). However, more than half of my life would be dedicated to studies alone T^T. Does becoming a doctor worth all the run? I mean, besides having a great amount of salary(which is not that great nowadays) and recognition from people, what else do I get? I make people smile… I hope I would… Sigh, right now I’m thinking of Patch Adams. Well, what I need now is the patience of a saint and the courage of a warrior. The question is, will I ever get them?

    Well, personally, I think my characters will very much be affected by time and surrounding. So far, I’ve seen the changes of my personality and it is getting from bad to worse. From a charming fagile prince to a spoiled, annoying villain. What I hope to be in the near future is that I would be someone who is way more professional, gentle and happy kind of guy. (I already have too much happy go lucky and I really need to get rid most of these happy-happy thingy) Get married? Oh no, no, no, absolutely no. Not the time yet I guess but by then I would be 27. Is that too young or too old to get married? Oh well, that is for me to decide ;D So, what would you see in the next 10 years? I tag Michi-chan!

  • luctensity 1:40 am on June 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    HKSBP ke-36 

    olaa~ Skali lagi tahun ni, SMS Kuching telah menghantar paskuan bola keranjang laki & girls serta pembahas BM BI ke Sekolah Seri Puteri Cyberjaya utk menyertai HKSBP kat situ bermula 28mei sampaila 2 Jun. Para pembahas yg pegi adalah seperti berikut: Afif, Simren, Luqman, Hanisah, Saadah, Amanina and Farid.

    Debators SMS Kuching telah ber’versus’ dengan Sekolah Seri Puteri, SMS Hulu Selangor, SMAP Labu dan SMS Dungun. Out of 4 debates, kteorg menang ngan SMS Dungun je. (kteorg spatutnya leh mng lawan SMAP Labu) (sob..) Bahas BM kalah sume.

    Basketball laki dpt JOHAN! n basketball girls dpt tempat ke-4. Asrama kteorg dpt johan utk asrama terbilang and pengetua kteorg naik pangkat jadik pengetua cemerlang. Congrats, Ummi! (gambo2 kemudian ye)

    • Aeddy 9:59 am on December 21, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Hey there. I was just browsing through my SMSK juniors and I happened to bump to your blog. I am an ex-student, SPM 07. I don’t know you, well perhaps you entered when you were in Form 4.

      I was a debater too. Quite sad seeing by years our teams are not performing very well. Just quite. ;(

      • luctensity 1:34 am on January 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Yep, I entered when I was in Form 4. Lol, debate has gne from bad to worse.. I wonder what will happen this year. Ms Rabiah told us that it is going to be HKSQL before HKSBP.

    • Margarette 4:09 pm on January 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply

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