Mail #3 

!~Happy New Year~!
Well, since it’s a whole new year, I would like to wish you good luck thoughout the year and may you have the most enjoyable year! Remember! 8 is a really “good” number :p Well, usually new year are the same; year after year, concerts, fireworks, countdown, etc. I am really looking foward for something different in the future… *sighs* To tell you the truth, new year is the worst holiday of all since it is actually a reminder that SCHOOL IS REOPENING!!!
School, school, school,
Study, study, study,
Exams, exams, exam,
blargh, blargh, blargh…
Well, TWAS A REALLY BORING HOLIDAY. I don’t want to be at home doing nothing nor at school studying T_T *grrr* Geramnyer… Kalaulah masa cutiku diisi dengan perkara yang lebih bermakna… kan sekarang dah takde cuti menyesal pulak…